Rent a car in Cuba


Rent a car in Cuba

To enjoy a pleasant trip and a tour to all the places of our famous Caribbean Island, you may have asked yourself: What do I need when I travel to Cuba?

There are several ways to move around Cuba, by plane, bus and taxi among others, however none of these means of transport will offer you the peace of mind, comfort and freedom that we offer you with car rental in Your Cuba, with which you can always shorten the time to reach your destination.

Once you have the car rental booked, only then you should know about the main characteristics of the roads on the island, that's why I explain in this post the concerns that you may have had or have been told about before.

It is true that the roads in Cuba are not the best, some of them barely have asphalt and this is confused with mud and dirt, you can find some potholes that you will pass if you drive with caution and taking into account the speed limits or you will find that there is a lack of signs and if you travel to the interior of the country the lighting is almost null, but this is not the case in Havana or its main provinces, so travelling to Cuba is quite an adventure.

With our car rental you will need a map of the island or a GPS that works with or without connection, although I assure you that you will not get lost, the Cubans with their characteristic kindness will always help you and if necessary they will even serve you as a guide.

If you are going to rent a car, the most reliable way is to do it online with YourCuba, why?

  • Renting a car in Cuba is not cheap, because there is a lot of demand and little supply and once you are on the island it will be almost impossible to rent it and if you do, its price will already be higher, that is why you must take it booked from your country of origin and the cheapest and safest way is Online on our website, so I advise you to book with the car rental that we provide you in this link.

  • Our team will coordinate all the details for you so that you always feel safe, that's why we will solve all your doubts before any unnecessary payment, we have qualified staff both in Spain and in Cuba that will solve your doubts before and after your trip.

  • You can book a car rental at the entrance to the country in one city or airport and drop it off at a different one, as long as you pay a surcharge for the return, which will depend on how far away the drop-off point is and will always be paid at the rental point where you return the car. This can have its pros and cons because you will pay a little more but it will allow you to travel the whole island from end to end.

Precautions when driving a car

On the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs it says that "The possible criminal liability of the driver in the event of a car accident is usually settled in lengthy criminal and judicial proceedings, during which the Cuban authorities will prevent those involved from leaving the country", so if you have an accident you won't be able to leave Cuba until it is resolved, but this happens in most of the countries and this is not the exception. That is why from our car rental we recommend you to be very careful with pedestrians on the road, bicycles and other means of circulation, before such circumstances you should take extreme precautions, especially avoid speeding given the road conditions and enjoy the journey in a calm way.

Your Cuba offers you

To travel through its villages, neighbourhoods, settlements and streets at a different pace, quieter, maybe even sometimes on embankments (dirt road) or cobblestones (stone road) but in our (web) car rental you have the best option to let yourself be carried away by curiosity and expectation, closer to reality than ever before, You can admire its blue strip of Caribbean island in the distance or be shipwrecked in ancient and lost villages, of simple, humble people, sometimes bordering on penury, huts with wooden plank walls, palm roofs and dirt floors, even so, they welcome you with joy and happiness that can be breathed in every corner of their environment and of course, to the rhythm of “guaracha”, “chachachá”, “guanguancó” and “son”.

Places in Cuba that you must visit

With our car rental you can reach different places that will not leave you indifferent and that many of them are named World Heritage Sites by UNESCO for their cultural, social and historical value.

  • Old Havana, its historic centre (La Bodeguita DEL MEDIO) and its system of fortifications, for its beauty and timelessness, was named a World Heritage Site in December 1982 in Paris, France.

  • Trinidad and its Valle de los Ingenios or also known as Valle de San Luis with approximately 250 square kilometres, cultural and ecological system where you can find society, monuments and nature, with your car rental you will visit San Isidro de los Destiladeros, the Slave Route, the Guanichango House and the Jabira Waterfall. Place where scenes of series and movies have been filmed.

  • Valle de Viñales in the Province of Pinar del Río, located in the Sierra de los Órganos in the westernmost part of the Guaniguanico mountain range.

  • Castillo del Morro or San Pedro de la Roca in Santiago de Cuba is a jewel of 17th century military architecture.

These are some of the Heritage Sites that you are going to know, but do not hesitate to contact with Your Cuba, we will be waiting for you to offer you and your family the best options of Cuba, contact us through our Web.