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If you're headed to Cuba, there's one big question on your mind about cruising the island. Can tourists and visitors get rental cars in Cuba? Absolutely! However, visitors can cut down on hassles related to renting cars in Cuba simply by taking care of reservations before arrival. When you book with us, you'll enjoy a hassle-free experience with straightforward pricing! We're the reliable Cuba rent car company that Caribbean-bound travelers trust!

Having your own rental car in Cuba.

That's why it's amazing

Offering a Caribbean climate, Cuba is a fantastic place for rolling down the windows while zipping down boulevards lined with tropical trees! There's simply no better way to explore more beaches, town squares, shopping destinations and historical attractions than by renting your own car in Cuba. Here are the top things to know about driving around Cuba:

  • The pace is slow here! Driving like the Cubans drive means taking it slow and easy! You'll never feel like the locals are rushing you as you cruise down your lane.
  • While Cuba does provide public transportation, it can be limited. Seasoned visitors will tell you that having your own car gives you more opportunities to do what you please.
  • When you have a car, you'll definitely be stopping to take advantage of the many farm stands that are peppered on the roadsides of Cuba. How does some refreshing tropical fruit in the middle of the afternoon sound?
  • There are many beautiful country roads to be enjoyed in Cuba that you simply won't see if you're relying on public transportation.

While renting a car in Cuba is the preferred choice for many, travelers booking their Cuba rental cars for the first time may run into some surprises. If you're from the United States, Europe or Australia, you'll find that renting a car in Cuba is much different than renting a car for a vacation back home. Even people who have rented cars during vacations in other parts of the Caribbean are surprised to find out that Cuban car rentals are handled very differently. When you travel to other parts of the world, you expect to find rows and rows of rental car companies located right at the airport. In addition, you can find rental agencies in practically every town and city around the world. It doesn't work this way in Cuba.

Renting a Car in Cuba

What you need to know about it

Cuba car rental companies are limited. Don't expect to be able to snag a rental car like lightning for your holiday after arriving in Cuba! In fact, deciding to wait until you get to Cuba to worry about renting a car essentially guarantees that you'll be using taxis or bus routes for the duration of your trip. The best suggestion is to diligently book online several weeks or months before your trip date. Aim to rent a car in Cuba at least two months before your departure if possible. However, it's not too late to check for car availability online right now if your departure date is just around the corner.

Help From Experts Will Get You on the Right Path

There are also some crucial details that tourists need to know when booking rental cars for travel in Cuba. That's why booking with a trusted, knowledgeable Cuba car rental company like YOUR CUBA is essential! The good news is that renting a car with assistance from the experts will help you enjoy a smooth journey that ensures your car is there when you need it!

Be Open to Different Rental Car Options

The Cuban car rental industry is so different from what you get in the United States. While most rental agencies in North America may give you a long list of cars to choose from, you shouldn't necessarily expect the same when you rent a vehicle for a vacation in Cuba. Be prepared for the fact that you may not get your first choice when it comes to the brand or model of car you want. However, the best way to get around this problem is to book your car as far in advance as possible.

There's Good News About the Cars You'll Find in Cuba

Visitors are likely to find many high-end and luxury car brands like Audi, Mercedes, Renault and Volkswagen. It's nice to have the familiar comfort and safety of these brand names as you explore a new country. In addition, everyday car brands like Kia and Hyundai are also very common among Cuban car rentals. The general rule is that people who request larger car models tend to get what they want because there's less demand for larger cars. Keep that in mind if you'd like to make sure the car you request during your reservation is the car you get the keys to when you show up in Cuba!

Can You Drive Manual Transmission? You'll Love Driving in Cuba!

Anyone who has traveled to foreign countries knows that most of the world drives cars with manual transmissions. It's the same story in Cuba! Yes, most rental cars available in Cuba do have manual operation. However, that doesn't mean you can't rent a car in Cuba if you only know how to drive a car with automatic transmission. It is possible to rent automatic cars in Cuba. However, anyone insecure about driving a car with manual transmission needs to focus on booking a rental as far out from their arrival date as possible. It might be nearly impossible to get an automatic car rental in Cuba if you wait until the last minute.

Keep Your Identification With You at All Times

Don't leave your passport in the hotel room! In Cuba, your passport can be essential while you're traveling along roads. Some areas require you to show your passport when paying tolls. This is common when crossing bridges that lead to some of the country's most magnificent beaches.

Bring Cash When You Drive

Have a little petty cash on you whenever you're driving around. Many places charge for parking. While parking doesn't cost a lot, you will need to have some money on you to be able to keep your car somewhere.

What Visitors Should Know About Getting Rental Cars in Cuba

Think you know all there is to know about road trips? There's a lot to learn if this is the first time you'll be trekking through Cuba! Take a look at the essentials that will make your road adventures fun and safe!

Don't Try to Get a "Good Deal" by Paying a Local for a Car Rental

If you were thinking of renting a car directly from someone in Cuba, you'll need to reconsider your plan. Car rentals are highly regulated in Cuba. In fact, outsiders have to choose from a small list of recognized car companies when booking their rentals. It's illegal for Cuban residents to rent out their vehicles.

Don't Rely on GPS to Get Everywhere

First, you shouldn't necessarily rely on GPS or data to find your way to where you're going. Data connections are infamously spotty in Cuba. What's more, there's no guarantee that your rental car will have a built-in GPS. Pack some paper road maps in your travel bag for Cuba to ensure that country roads never make you panic!

Never Skip an Opportunity to Fill the Tank

It's also important to know that there's not necessarily a gas station waiting on every corner in Cuba. There's a very easy way to make sure you never run out of gas in your rental car. Simply make a habit of filling up your tank completely whenever you're in a highly-populated spot with available gas stations. You should even consider topping off your gas tank at every opportunity to ensure you don't end up with an empty tank when you're far from any commercial areas.

Trip Planning 101

Zipping From Your Flight to Your Rental Car in Cuba

While renting a car in Cuba isn't quite as simple as renting a car in other parts of the world, travelers can still have a very easy time making the transition from their flights to their car rentals upon arrival in the country. It just takes a little planning with help from rental experts to ensure that your arrival goes off without a hitch! Here are the tips for picking up a rental car in Cuba:

  • While picking up a rental car at Jose Marti International (HAV) is most accessible, you can certainly still arrange for a rental car if you're flying into Playa Baracoa Airport (UPB).

  • When making car arrangements, inquire about pickup locations at your arrival terminal.

  • A tip to know is that airport rental locations tend to have better selections than other rental locations! Aim for an airport pickup option! This will also save you the hassle of paying for transportation to your hotel.

  • Make sure your arrival coincides with the hours of operation of the rental pickup spot you select!

Travelers should know that demand is always high for rental cars in Cuba. Give yourself the gift of a predictable pickup experience by booking YOUR CUBA CAR rental as soon as possible if you're planning an upcoming Cuba trip. Get started by booking your rental with us today! We've helped countless visitors to Cuba enjoy effortless car reservations. It only takes a few minutes to secure a rental for your travel dates.

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What to visit in Cuba

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Discovering Cuba with your rental car is a travel experience that must absolutely be lived. We suggest some itineraries from which to take inspiration to organize the trip to Cuba with your rental car.

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